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The Thomas Edison House of Louisville

Thomas Edison House

Louisville, Kentucky

Written by Julie Greiner
The Thomas Edison House is located at 729-31 East Washington Street, Louisville, in the Historic Butchertown neighborhood. The Thomas Edison House offers a unique collection of artifacts, programs and special events designed to celebrate the creative genius of Thomas Edison. This house was one of the areas Thomas Alva Edison called home during the years he lived and worked in Louisville. The cottage was built around 1850. Edison came to
Louisville in 1866, at the age of 19, to find work as a telegraph operator. Most of his early inventions were improvements on the telegraph. He invented the electric incandescent light bulb, but it is said that this was not his favorite invention. The phonograph was his favorite invention.

Displays in the Thomas Edison House

Artifacts found at Louisville's Thomas Edison House include both cylinder and disc phonographs, as well as Edison Business Phonographs. An Edison Kinetoscope and the first home motion picture projector. You can experience Edison's music as it was originally
The Bedroom in the Thomas Edison House of Louisville
recorded. You can discover how the first movies were made, and his building of the first movie studio, the Black Maria. Transmit messages in Morse Code via working telegraph keys. There is the period boarding room which depicts Edison's life in Louisville in 1866-67.

Inventions of Thomas Edison

When ever you turn on a light, listen to recorded music or watch a motion picture - you are utilizing one of Thomas Edison's inventions. Edison received some 1,093 patents for his inventions. Among his inventions: the electrical vote recorder, the universal stock ticker and unison stop, the motograph, automatic telegraph system, paraffin paper, carbon rheostat,
"Etheric Force" and electric phenomenon that is the foundation of wireless telegraphy, the electric pen used for mimeographs, carbon telephone transmitter, the phonograph, the incandescent light, motion picture camera, fluoroscope, fluorescent electric lamp and the nickel-iron-alkaline storage battery.

The Invention Convention

The Invention Convention is a learning module built around the process of inventing a new device or a new way to perform a task. The program was started in 1992 by two teachers at Louisville's Brandeis Elementary School and the program has grown to include the participation of many
Thomas Edison as a young boy
schools. The Edison House is an excellent example of the shotgun house of the mid-19th century working class neighborhood. Museum hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Edison House welcomes group tours up to approximately 45-50 people. For further information call: 502-585-5247.
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